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Sam and her son Troy have a deep admiration for amazing women in Sonoma County. They are excited to present to you this month's honoree for Women Inspiring Women.



Kim Podolny


Kim Podolny has battled sexism her entire life.  When she was a girl of 15 she asked her father for a motor scooter.  Her brother had gotten one at that age and Kim’s passion to have one was even bigger than his.  Her Dad’s reply was “girls shouldn’t ride”.


There’s an inner strength to Kim so even at that young age, she didn’t take her father’s sexism on.  She ended up learning to ride and rode so well that her ultimate payback was being the one that ended teaching her father to ride.


She became a competitive racer, ran motorsports teams and currently owns one of the most successful motorcycle parts stores in the nation, Mammoth Motor Sports in Rohnert Park.


Kim’s business partner is her husband and they split duties.  He’s the creative in the family, a mechanic gifted with intuitive insight into the workings of motorcycle engines. 


Kim drives the business.  She has a quick mind for numbers, knows her way around parts and gear and is an excellent marketer.


She’s faced down sexism, first from her dad, then from the male dominated motor sports industry with charm and grace.  Her customers are mostly men…and they love her no nonsense, won’t be intimidated style. 


In the early days when their business faced the challenges typically associated with growth, Kim was the first to recognize the power of the Internet and began to sell parts and gear online.  The men in her industry thought she was crazy.. until her business skyrocketed.  


Today Kim is still a committed rider, continues to teaches other women to ride and is a full time mom and wife.


You could say that Kim Podolny’s has it all.  We know that’s because of her belief that the real future of the motorcycle industry is female.

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