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Jonathan Doll

Monday- Friday 3am-7am
Jonathan Doll here! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands because I’m a licensed disc-jockey and standup comic (Fun Fact: I was on Star Search and I was a writer for Jay Leno). My down time activities include bicycling, boating and small dogs. I’m not afraid to use a coupon on "Date Night" with my wife either. I’ve done mornings in L.A., Houston and Indianapolis and I’m proud to be here at my very favorite station so far.

Randi Taylor

Monday-Friday 7am-12N
It’s Randi Taylor, and I am so excited to help you get through the workday by playing your favorite music. I’m totally a self-proclaimed music junkie, and aspire to be on the game show Beat Shazam. When I’m not working with you, I’m on my couch, binge watching my favorite reality TV shows, cuddling my Chihuahua, Remi. Also, the way to my heart is through cake and wine. I’m easy! Wanna know more? Follow me on social! @randiontheradio

Jay Cruze

Monday-Friday 12N-5pm
Jay Cruze here! Born and raised in New York City. Brooklyn, to be exact. I knew I wanted to be on the radio when I would spend my free time tape-recording myself, talking into hairbrushes, as I talked up the intros of my vinyl records (before they were retro). I still do that by the way. Just kidding. I wish I could meet each and every one of my listeners. We’d have a blast. My two teenage daughters are the loves of my life, and they keep me humble. Here's my website: https://www.cruzeradio.com


Monday-Friday 5pm-10pm
Hello, I’m Carson! Apparently I’m supposed to tell you about myself….? I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, a good hot chocolate on a cold night and pretty much anything that involves chocolate. I’m also known for getting my Man Card taken away for watching every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. You think I would be ashamed about that, but I’m NOT! Radio is my passion and I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Thanks for hanging with me on your airwaves.


Saturday 3am-7am

Blake Powers

Saturday 7am-12N
I take being a Radio & Media Personality and voice-over artist... uh... semi-seriously. Just listen to my show... you'll hear a plethora of evidence... lol! When not crackin' my mic, I love hangin' out with friends, movies, fishing, beaches, exploring, Asian food and travel (been to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, China), and putting my butt in a grocery store cooler on a hot summer day????!


Saturday 12N-5pm

Sean Swallow

Sunday 7am-12N

Miss Sarah

Sunday 12N-5pm

Ted Williams

Host of Sonoma County's Talking. Sunday 7am-7:30am

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