Sonoma County News

Prescribed Fire Near Cazadero

This morning, Cal Fire will be conducting a prescribed burn above Magic Mountain Road, between River Road and Cazadero. The purpose of these controlled burns are to reduce dead branches and brush, and convert them into soil nutrients. (photo courtesy Flickr)

River Dam Cancelled

The river dam expected at Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach has been cancelled again this year, for the third time, because of low water flow becuase of the drought. Low river water volume affects the fish habitat and other environmental needs. And, without the dam, there is a reduction of stagnant water that causes a health risk to the public. (photo courtesy Sonoma West Times and News)

Memorial Day Events

Monday will be Memorial Day, a federal holiday to recognize the sacrifices of those who died in military service. To mark the day, there will be ceremonies at Cypress Hill Memorial Park in Petaluma, Veterans Memorial Park in Sonoma, The Community Center in Rohnert Park, and the Rural Cemetary in Santa Rosa. (photo courtesy Patch)

Winemaker Environment Fines

A winemaker is being fined $3.75 million for damages from a 2018 vineyard construction project near Cloverdale that caused damage to streams and wetlands. Austrailian vintner Hugh Reimers is being accused of having his company improperly clear trees, grading land, and disposting of construction waste.

Offshore Wind Turbines

The Biden administration is advancing plans for offshore wind projects that would place hundreds of turbines in California's coastal waters. Yesterday, The U.S. Interior Department released lease terms for projects planned for the state's central and northern coasts. Bidders would be required to engage with tribes and ocean users like fisheries as well as try to reach labor agreements for eventual construction. (photo courtesy Vox)

Governor's Water Use Restrictions

As the drought drags on, and the hotter summer months approach, Governor Newsom is threatening to impose mandatory water restrictions if residents don't use less on their own. Currently, local water agencies set rules for water use. California is in its third year of drought and virtually all areas of the state are classified as either in severe or extreme drought. (photo courtesy Petaluma Argus Courier)

Rohnert Park City Council Seat

Today, Rohnert Park City Council will choose a new member for the seat being vacated by Vice Mayor Willy Linares, who is resigning. There are three people who completed their applications for the spot on the council, and the one chosen will serve for just over 5 months before the November election. (photo courtesy Sonoma County Tourism)

New American Viticultural Area

It's a real coup for wineries in the coastal regions of Sonoma County. Yesterday, 28 vintners received the news that they can now display the term West Sonoma Coast on their wine labels. The new American Viticultural Area was approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. (photo courtesy US News Travel)

Medical Cannibis Deliveries

Legislation that requires California cities to allow delivery of medical cannibis, has passed in the state senate. Many California cities have banned cannibis dispensaries, where deliveries originate, and 62% of California cities ban Cannibis sales, including for medical purposes. The bill now moves to the state assembly for it's approval. (photo courtesy Leafly)

Young Kids COVID Vaccines

Pfizer says new tests show it's three dose vaccine regiment is very effective in protecting young children from COVID. Pfizer says those three shots triggered a strong immune response in 80% of the children tested between the ages of 6 months and 4 years old. An FDA panel is scheduled to meet next month to decided whether or not to authorize Pfizer's and Moderna's shots for young children. (photo courtesy VeryWell Health)

River Shuttle Returns

The River Shuttle is back, taking people who float down the Russian River, to and from the Tom Schopflin Fields in Santa Rosa to the Steelhead Regional Park and the Sunset Beach Regional Park in Forestville. An all-day shuttle ticket costs $5. (photo courtesy Sports Basement)

Baby Formula Arrival

A US military plane carrying enough infant formula for more than half a million baby bottles arrived yesterday in Indianapolis. President Biden authorized the use of Air Force planes for the first of several flights expected from Europe aimed at easing a shortage that has parents scrambling to find enough formula to feed their kids. A White House official said the baby formula should be in stores as early as this week. (photo courtesy Arkansas Democrate Gazette)

Cal Fire Burn Permits

Because of the high fire danger, Cal Fire is putting new restrictions into place. Beginning today, most outdoor burning of debris will be banned in 6 Northern California Counties. No fire permits will be issued for the counties of Sonoma, Solano, Napa, Yolo, Lake, and Colusa Counties. Exceptions include fire training, agriculture, land management, and some industrial situations. (photo courtesy Marin IJ)

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